Thursday, September 20, 2012

A cheesy love poem

I have promised you some verses, which up until now I haven't done. It's not because you don't inspire me, it's more because I only write poetry when there are things I cannot say, and with you I can say and share everything. You have my heart and with it is my poetry.

Te Quiero, Carino

I don't know if you'll ever find this page
Perhaps not.
I'd prefer that. Because these verses
They don't come near to expressing
The depth of what I feel for you.
It's so cliché.
It's hard to find words unique
Which will only mean you.
I promise to write another one
Something that could rival the beauty of the sunset
But perhaps If I try that
It will take a lifetime.
Then I'll just read it to you
When we're both 90 and weak in the knees
Although being weak in the knees
That doesn't have anything to do
With being 90, it's when you're around.
Perhaps we'll get our grandson to read it
Because by then we'll be weak in the eyes
Although perhaps our grandson will think it
Age inappropriate, to still be reading each other poetry
But I'll tell him it doesn't have anything to do
With being 90, it's because you're around
However, if you do find this page
Consider it my first term installment
Of a lifetime commitment
Writing poetry for you
I hope I get to write something
That will be more beautiful than the sunset
Because only that can equal what I feel for you.

Te quiero, carino


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  2. Hi john,

    Thank you, I haven't checked my blog for a while now, and it's really good to know that someone actually reads it aside from myself, hehe.


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